The Christian Story: Sun God, Horus, Constantine and 12 Stars  

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I am quite sure the Religious that claim to understand the bible and take all the writing within literally rather then figuratively, will find this video very confronting. The uploading of this video was intended to offer another and in my opinion a more reasonable perspective then that offered by such fanatical religious institutions, designed to control the masses.

BTW, It's not about the real B-days. It's about the fact that such dates were used, it's about the fact that much of the Bible is figurative writings. Everyone knows such B-days are figurative, representative.
What's amazing is that I have to point this out and the only reason I am bothering to do so, is because so many make this same naive limited observation and think they are discrediting all the information provided in this video by pointing it out, when in fact they are actually proving the very point of the entire video, that is, that much of the Bible is meant to be taken figuratively not Literally.

A Very Respectful and Insightful Response By +David Cox

Christian religion uses Dec 25th as the date on which Jesus was born (i.e. Christmas) - Bible or not. I believe that's the point - that the dominant world religions, like Christianity, are based on other myths that predate Christ by over a 1000 years.
The more we understand the history of religion and how the books were written, the less validity religion has.

Seeking truth is not "luciferian". Christians are so sure they are "right". Yet they cannot accept that if they were brought up in Syria they'd feel just as confident about Islam. If born in India, they'd likely be Hindu. It's just societal indoctrination. The need for these delusions would all be fine, but people are still killing each other in the name of bronze-age mythologies.

We're 300 years past the age of Copernicus. Challenging religion does not eliminate the possibility of God or a power that unites us as human beings, but the "God" that has been taught by churches and kings is not truth. It is a man made ideology that was endorsed for political reasons and control. End of comment

And another thing Just because many of you need to "believe" as you were taught and conditioned to "believe", that the bible is to be considered factual and to be taken literally, and someone points out that it is actually figurative writings, does not mean they are say their is no God (Creator of All) It simply means you are misunderstanding and missing the true meaning of the writings.

I realize that many of you want (or need) to believe that such writing are the actual Words of God.
While this may be partially true, it should be understood, they were gods with a small "g" meaning not the Creator of All with a bit "G"
WAKE UP PEOPLE, For more "TRUTH" follow this Link:

The Real Reason & Purpose Behind the Christian Bible and Other Ancient Text

Good and Evil


Published on 05 Aug 2017

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