Jesus the Sun-God over 12 Zodiac Star Gods  

Jesus the Sun-God rules over the 12 Zodiac Star Gods, who also happen to be 12 Greek Gods

Sun worship is often seen as primitive, but it has captivated humans since the start of civilization. The Sun shines brightly over all the other Stars in the Universe. It's sheer size, power and life giving attributes is unrivalled.

After the Christian religion was adopted by the Roman Empire, the various Sun Gods: Mithras, Horus, Sol Invictus, Apollo etc. were unified under Jesus Christ, a new God identified as the 'Son of God'.

The Sun presides over the 12 Astrological Stars and Greek Gods
Ω Greek God: Mithras
Mithra, the Light of the World, is an ancient sun god who was later identified with Sol Invictus, who was born on December 25th. A judicial figure; an all-seeing Protector of Truth, and Guardian of Cattle, the Harvest and of The Waters.

Ω Mithras Jesus Christ
According to early Christianity, Jesus was the 'Sun God' (or Son of God). This brought old astrotheolog, solar mythology and Greek pagan Gods into Christian faith. Christians deny Jesus and the Sun are connected, though they acknowledge Christian festivals are rooted in paganism (i.e. Christmas, Easter etc.)
Sun gives light Jesus gives spiritual light
Sun guides the stars Jesus guides humanity
Sun is at center of the planets Jesus is central to Christian doctrine
Sun overlooks 12 Zodiac Constellations (or Greek Gods) Jesus overlooks his 12 disciples
Sun gives life to vegetation Jesus gives life to dead souls
Sun has always existed Jesus has always existed (immortal)
Sun is the "soul of the world" Jesus is the spiritual soul for Christians

Emperor Constantine
After Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity in 4 AD, Mithras who was previously honoured as a supreme diety fell out of favour. Early Roman Christians were now compelled to worship the new 'Sun God' in the form of Jesus Christ, the "Son of God".
Constantine remained a Pagan
Evidence suggests Constantine viewed Jesus Christ as one of many gods in a crowded pantheon of gods; a war god who had provided him with victory over Maxentius.

Jesus Christ would be used by Rome as a political tool to solidify power, and unite the pagan religions across the world under a new God.

It is widely believed that Constantine remained a pagan throughout his life until the point of death.
Thomas Paine
The Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the Sun, in which they put a man called Christ in place of the Sun, and paid him the adoration originally given to the Sun. Jesus became the 'Son of God' or the 'Sun God', like Mithras, guardian to twelve Greek Gods.
Apostle Paul
The Christ Myth theory is the view Jesus of Nazareth had no historical existence. According to Bart Ehrman and other Biblical scholars, the historical Jesus did not exist. Or if he did, he had virtually nothing to do with the founding of Christianity.

As Paul never physically met Jesus during his lifetime, Bible critics believe Paul wrote of Jesus as an exalted being, either a mythical entity, a celestial deity, 'a savior figure from the ancient mystery religions' named Jesus.
1. ARIES Ω Athena
Aries is represented as the Ram/Lamb because March/April is the time of the year when lambs are born.
Ω Greek God: Athena
Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War
2. TAURUS Ω Aphrodite
Taurus is the Bull because April/May is the time for ploughing and tilling.
Ω Greek God: Aphrodite
Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty & Eternal Youth
3. GEMINI Ω Apollo
Gemini is the Twins, so-called for Castor and Pollux, the twin stars in its constellation, as well as because May/June is the time of the "increase" or "doubling" of the sun, when it reaches its greatest strength.
Ω Greek God: Apollo
Greek God of the Sun, the Light, the Music and the Prophecy
4. CANCER Ω Hermes
After the sun reaches its strength at the summer solstice and begins to diminish in Cancer (June/July), the stars are called the Crab, who "backslides."
Ω Greek God: Hermes
Greek God of Trade, Eloquence and Messenger of the Gods
5. LEO Ω Zeus
Leo is the Lion because, during the heat of July/August, the lions in Egypt would come out of the hot desert.
Ω Greek God: Zeus
Greek God of the Sky and King of the Gods
6. VIRGO Ω Demeter
Virgo, originally the Great Mother Earth, is the "Gleaning Virgin, who holds a sheath of wheat," symbolizing August/ September, the time of the harvest.
Ω Greek God: Demeter
Greek Goddess of Agriculture, Fertility, Sacred Law and the Harvest
7. LIBRA Ω Hephaestus
Libra (September/October) is the Balance, reflecting the autumnal equinox, when the days and night are again even in length.
Ω Greek God: Hephaestus
Greek God of Fire and Metalworking
Scorpio is the Scorpion because in the desert areas the fierce storms of October/November were called "scorpions" and because this time of the year is the "backbiter" of the sun as it begins to wane.
Ω Greek God: Ares
Greek God of War
Sagittarius is the "vindictive Archer" who side-wounds and weakens the sun during its approach in November/ December towards the winter solstice.
Ω Greek God: Artemis
Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Forests and Hills, the Moon, Archery
10. CAPRICORN Ω Hestia
In Capricorn, the weakened sun encounters the "filthy, illomened Hegoat," who drags the solar hero down in December/January.
Ω Greek God: Hestia
Greek Goddess of the Hearth and Domestic Life
Aquarius is the WaterBearer because January/February is the time of winter rains.
Ω Greek God: Hera
Greek Goddess of Marriage and Queen of Olympus
12. PISCES Ω Poseidon
Pisces is represented by the Fishes because February/ March is the time when the thinning ice is broken and the fattened fish are plucked out.
Ω Greek God: Poseidon
Greek God of the Sea

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